Partial Refund

To issue a partial refund for a purchase you have to submit the purchaseID as well as the amount you'd like to refund, refundAmount. Please keep in mind that the refundAmount cannot be higher than the actual total order amount, priceAmount from the original purchase.

Here's an example API call for you:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \  
     -u rocket:rock4mebuddy \
     -d "data={ \
          "purchaseId": "AAEAAADoKU7eQMDdC6oeMsfGcrBOajgOeyj4vWZgGcgA_KewQCQR31yI", \
          "refundAmount": "23000.00", \
          "merchantReferenceId": "1130239", \
          "refundCurrency": "SGD", \
          "description": "Here's your refund", \
          "shopConfig": "AAEAAADoKU7YJh44utJbVDLTqqEEeiaO28_f9LjaYMu1GdoBNT9_IG--/AAEAAAgfi0NkDIDyXMhIaaM-wfYLziibzdgBQIQVoD4hzxDnQt5szEIq/0ce5b60001d7e89c7b50fbe59cfb1bf5" \
        }" \

In the expected case that everything worked, you'll receive the following response:


If something went wrong:

  "success": false,
  "message": "Sorry, it did not work"