Notification Service

For every purchase create API call, you can send the purchaseCallbackUrl parameter. Your URL should point to a service that can accept urlencoded JSON payloads from us. We will use this URL to push a list of transaction events to you that will inform you of all purchase status changes. For example you will be notified if a purchase has been paid.

Example Payload

Our payload notification looks like this:

        "id": "AAEAAAA6hpLVM_BcBJ82aTsXbUDlYkAgGmi-ivYB8p6e7hCdQFWsWAAm",
        "creationDateTime": "2014-03-26T09:57:25+0000",
        "transactionType": "Purchase",
        "newStatus": "Expired",
        "oldStatus": "Created",
        "transactionId": "AAEAAADoKU7ce-QyvoRbYZpDBenwSWGDuBW2h0A7q-kv5LjfYTA_5CzV",
        "merchantReferenceId": "508365572"       

Parameter Documentation

idThe id contains the purchaseID that we return to you after you've successfully created a purchase.
creationDateTimeTimestamp of the status change.
transactionTypeRefers to the type of the transaction, can be Refund or Purchase
newStatusNew transaction status
oldStatusPrevious transaction status. If it's a new transaction, then no oldStatus is provided.
transactionIdYou can use the transactionId to verify the notification message, via the validation service
merchantReferenceIdYour order number.

Status Values

CreatedCreated, but not yet accessed by a consumer
ConfirmedConfirmed by a consumer, but not yet paid
CommittedCommitted to by the merchant, but not yet paid
CompletedPurchase is paid, thus with WalletAccountItem and accounting transfers
CancelledPurchase is cancelled
ExpiredPurchase has expired
FailedPurchase has failed